Websites for Low-Sodium Diets

Resources to help you maintain a low-sodium, PAH-friendly diet

Here, you’ll find a quick and easy reference list of websites for low-sodium, PAH-friendly diets. Each of the sites are full of useful information and tools, like low-sodium diet guidelines, easy salt substitutes, shopping tips, and yummy recipes. You can also download and print this list to add to your PAH binder or recipe book at home.

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Pulmonary hypertension and tips for keeping a low-sodium diet

  • Tips are divided into sections: Eating at a Friend’s House, Dining at a Restaurant, and Prepping Your Own Meals

Salt and sodium

  • Information on ways to cut back on salt, salty foods to avoid, hidden sources of sodium, how to interpret sodium content on food labels, and seasonings that can be substituted for salt

Sodium-controlled diet

  • General guidelines for a reduced sodium diet
  • Explanation of how to understand the nutrition facts on food labels

Guidelines for a low-sodium diet

  • General guidelines for reducing sodium intake
  • Lists of high-sodium foods with low-sodium alternatives for each food group (meat, dairy, breads, etc.)

Low-sodium diet: Beyond the basics

  • Overview of a low-sodium diet and how to reduce sodium intake
  • Links to further information

How to reduce sodium

  • Tips for shopping for low-sodium foods, preparing food, and eating in a restaurant
  • Resources for finding more information

Low-sodium sample menu plans for 1 week

  • Low-sodium sample menus for 1 week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day)
  • Links to low-sodium recipes

Download and print this list of websites

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