Commitment to PAH

A commitment to educate, enable, and inspire

PAH management and treatment have come a long way in the past few decades. Advances in care have given patients the hope to not only live longer—but to live better—with PAH.

That’s powerful.

United Therapeutics harnesses that power in everything we do. Founded by the parents of a child diagnosed with PAH, we understand what it’s like to be in an exam room when a patient is told they have PAH, and we know the challenges of living with this complex, rare disease.

We are committed to improving the lives of patients with PAH—it’s a core part of our identity. That’s why United Therapeutics sponsors the PAH Initiative. The PAH Initiative seeks to further our commitment to the PAH community by

  • Educating patients with information that improves understanding of a complex, rare disease
  • Enabling healthcare professionals by providing information and resources designed to help them transform knowledge into patient care
  • Inspiring the PAH community to improve the lives of people impacted by PAH